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Pokemon Reborn Weather Mod: How It Changes Your Game Experience

Thank you so much! I just downloaded it and it seems to work fine, though I only tested it for a few minutes. I've been dreading reverting to Ep. 15 just to change the weather since I've been stuck on heavy rain for more than a month (Can't use Fire types).

pokemon reborn weather mod

>you can have a random starter, which is picked amongst those that the game recognizes as available and unevolved (I didn't write any list, the mod uses script functions that were already in the game to pick a random pokemon)

Just use the "select weather" option in the added Pokegear app. If instead you're asking what it does:It allows the game to randomize and record the planned weathers for the week like it would normally, then when the game tries to read the plan it goes "you know what, it actually says it should be X weather here", where X is your choice.In more technical terms: it lets the game define the weather array, but then overwrites its element that the game is trying to access (with a few simple lines put between the "read" and "use" portions of the original script).When 5 days have passed and the weather week is rerolled, that changed variable is discarded and overwritten by the "normal" script.

Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Since I'm on my very first playthrough, I didn't want to go on until E17 due to the weather being broken in my save. Your mod allows me to go on playing right now. I appreciate it so much, I'd even throw money at you for it, heh. Again, thanks!

Else, the worst that could happen is that you'd have to advance the calendar 1 week before updating (advancing the calendar will reroll the planned weathers and overwrite the change this mod allowed you to make to the planned weathers).

There is no reason for this to break anything though (that's as far as I know of course: this mod just changes the planned weather for today in the area you are in - and the game plans the week's weathers at the start of every week, so this change always gets overwritten in a week at most unless you messed with the calendar in the wrong way), and I did recently finish a full playthrough without encountering problems with a modded starter and using the weather selection.

So I downloaded the mod, and moved the files. The mod works in the sense that the weather visibly changes, however, the tree that block access to the eevee tunnel remains. I've tried changing the weather to both forms of windy, entered and exited the house in the forest several times, entered and the exited the actual forest several times, and yet the tree remains. Am I missing something?

Returning to the Opal Ward from a different weather will cause some lag as the game adjusts the weather animation, almost appearing like the game has frozen. After three seconds, the game should return to normal. Click here for more info on known issues.


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